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Welcome to the air duct cleaning FAQ page. Your questions are answered by the experts. Find out why cleaning the HVAC system regularly is important and why filters are extremely important to the system.

How important is regular cleaning of HVAC system?

Cleaning air ducts is not that plain and simple. Specialists at Air Duct Cleaning Anaheim advise you should make sure that all the parts of your heating and cooling system are cleaned well and disinfected. Always remember that the air you breathe inside your home and workplace mostly come from your air ducts so it is only right that you give attention to the maintenance and cleaning of your air ducts.

How important are filters to my HVAC system?

The HVAC system installed in your home and workplace is there for comfort and to get clean air. Your system cleans up the air coming in so that you are assured of getting clean air. It is the job of the filters to bring in clean and safe air to your home and workplace. Filters absorb all the dust, dirt, pollutants and other substances that may be harmful to your health.

Do I need to have my air ducts cleaned?

Our specialists recommend air duct cleaning in all homes, especially if the ducts have never been cleaned before. Poor air quality indoors can cause respiratory problems or aggravate already existing conditions. Many different airborne particles contribute to the dirt that can cling on the air ducts.

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