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Air Duct Cleaning Anaheim
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Get to know the right tools used for effective air duct cleaning. These tips are sure to make your ducts and vents ultra clean.

Cleaning air filter

Some air filters are disposable while others can be cleaned and reused. If you have a reusable filter, you can perform air filter cleaning before placing it back in place. If you see that dirt starts to build up on your filter, remove it from the holder to clean outside. Brush the dirt off then use a vacuum. Spray it with water and dry before placing back.

Changing air duct insulation

Air duct insulation is made to enhance the efficiency of the heating and cooling system. This ensures that the air that passes through the air ducts stay warm or cold making it easier to achieve the ideal temperature. Air Duct Cleaning Anaheim experts recommend that insulation must be replaced immediately if you see any sign of molds or wetness to ensure efficiency and air quality.

Having your air ducts maintained

Most air duct repair companies offer maintenance services. This means that you do not have to wait for problems to occur or for dirt to build up before having your air ducts checked. Air Duct Cleaning Anaheim experts suggest that you have your air ducts maintained regularly to prevent growth of mold, as well as accumulation of dirt, germs and other debris.

Replace the damaged air ducts

The experts of our air duct cleaning company in Anaheim know that most old homes and office buildings have old air ducts. Aged ducts are possibly damaged! Consequently, the HVAC unit will not work right and you will lose energy as well as pay higher bills.

Make your HVAC unit efficient

Older HVAC units must be maintained often but if you notice that the unit doesn't work efficiently, check the air ducts. The air duct specialists of our business in Anaheim insist that holes will misdirect air and you'll lose energy. Fix the problem with air duct seal repair.

Air ducts with no stubborn dirt should be cleaned without chemicals

Chemicals are not required for removing common dust, dirt and debris accumulations. Our experts in Anaheim recommend the use of vacuum and mechanical brush tools for the purpose. If any chemicals have to be applied, they must be EPA approved for HVAC systems.

Don’t let the HVAC unit run 24/7

Letting the HVAC unit run continuously does not only increase electricity consumption, but leads to more wear and tear for the machine as well. If you have to constantly use your HVAC unit, our experts say that it should be regularly serviced and well maintained.

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